PW&P provides services of consulting, technical assistance, corporate finance  and project funding and advice in assessment processes of companies, institutions and new projects of the sector, contributing with an integrated vision to its technical, strategic, financial and corporate development.

We offer independent advice to our clients in

Technical water consulting

  • Consulting and technical assistance in projects, infrastructures, grants, tenders and services of the water sectors.
  • Technical management audits to achieve the efficiency in the services, infrastructures and processes.
  • Elaboration of diagnostic and improvement plans, giving technical assistance in its implementation.
  • Processes and operations improvement and design and implementation of particular industry processes.
  • Technical and economic planning. Hydraulic Planning, Master plans and Water Sustainable Management Plans.

Strategic and Business Consulting

  • Strategic audit and business plans validation.
  • Strategic and viability plans. Strategic planning and investment planning.
  • Development of growing strategies, diversification and business models. Development of services. Acquisitions, tenders, mergers and taking over the control, sales and disinvestments, privatizations and advice for joint ventures.
  • Technical, economic and legal assistance in business transformation processes and public services. Offers, Contracts, and public and private tenders proposals assessment.
  • Regulatory framework and contractual management with associates and authorities.
  • Economic and technical analysis, control and follow-up of contracts, grants and relations with the regulator.
  • Management audit on the integral water cycle.

Corporate finance and project funding

  • Assessment of projects, companies and services from the industry.
  • Assessment of initiatives: impact of future investments, funding models, and state strategic objectives.
  • Financial planning and global finance structure (tariffs, pricing policy, private equity and funding)
  • Operations on business development by acquisitions, mergers, and restructuration with the most suitable structure and terms.
  • Operations of Management Buy-Out (MBO): buy together with the management team of the company. Management Buy-in (MBI): buy together with external management team. Buy-in Management Buy-Out (BIMBO), BUY AND BUILD, processes of consolidation of companies or investments in companies interested in having a professional investor before listing to stock exchange or privatization.
  • Funding of Projects (Build Operate Transfer / Project Financing), raising funds (both debt and capital) and solution to the needs of each one of the stages of the investing process. Funding the contracts BOT (Installation, operation and transfer) , BOO (Installation, operation and property), etc.

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