PW&P is orientated to manage and / or advice companies and investment funds and to the creation and search of opportunities and to encourage, funding and investment promotions in the water market and in the infrastructures that compose the integrated water cycle, as well as in the services for the auxiliary industry of water, adapting everything to the specific needs of the clients and / or taking part directly in activities like:

Investment management

  • Development of strategic, investment and funding plans.
  • Companies and capital funds management.
  • Origination and search of investment opportunities.
  • Where? In what? and how? To realize investments and disinvestments of capital in companies and projects.
  • Control of the investments and participation in the management of the units of administration and in the design of the strategies of development.
  • Support and advice in the funding operations and in the decision making of the companies directorships where the societies and investment funds take part.
  • Creation and promotion of projects and technical and financial advice in investments and projects that want to use the risk capital.

PW&P bases its strategy of investment and management and advice on the investments, companies and capital funds in the availability to its clients of the specialization and the knowledge of the market on corporate transactions  for more than two decades .

PW&P is positioned as the reference operator on this market, integrating the sectors of utilities and water with the financial sector.