Added value and competitive advantage

Knowledge of the water and utilities markets, together with access to effective and innovative technologies and the accumulated experience in the management, enable PW&P to provide flexible solutions that fit with all kinds of problems, contributing simultaneously with a suitable technical and economic balance.

 PW&P assures a high added value contribution.

  • Strategic vision: The management will be aligned to achieve the strategic goals established.
  • Professionalism: PW&P has highly skilled professionals in the sector and that know how to adapt in every different situation.
  • Understanding of the water and utilities sectors. The experience of PW&P in these sectors has provided us a deep knowledge of the variables that characterize them and its implications.
  • Reliability of the management. The extensive experience in projects carried out in the sector assure both the quality of our job done and aptitude to carry them out in a reasonable period of time.


Our philosophy is to focus on long-term relationships with our clients, helping to obtain their goal in every moment and adapting to their needs and expectations, contributing on:

  • Independence. We are an independent entity and, therefore, capable of offering services exclusively orientated to maximize the value for our clients. Without independence of opinion long-term stability can not exist in management.
  • Experience of the management team. We integrate professionals with extensive managerial experience confirmed by leading organizations on the water sector.
  • Sectorial specialization that guarantees the performance of an added value service in a known environment.
  • Knowledge of the industry, of the operators needs, final clients and sources to generate opportunities and of funding, as well as of the performance guide on which we focus our management.
  • Efficient capacity of execution, acquired for more than 25 years of experience, as needed in the water and utilities sectors.


We are an independent group of professionals with extensive experience, committed for a long-term, we believe that the most important is the people who compose it and first of all, we act with integrity, always conserving our professionalism, objectivity and the excellence in the quality of the service that we offer.