PW&P provides integral solutions for the water sectors and takes the responsibility of the externalize management of projects, infrastructures, grants, assets and services, depending on the demand of clients, shareholders or institution responsibles, providing the management, and the technology.

We facilitate total solutions to our clients from the identification of the problems, design of solutions and implementation, up to services of support and maintenance.

Our solutions are based on technologies selected by our technological associates who enable us to implement efficient and economic processes in the different infrastructures and assets of the integral water cycle:

  • Integrated direction of projects. Project Management: Direction, coordination and total control of the project, offering a specific solution in every case. Integrated management of the project: Planning, programming, control of the costs and quality control. Integrated management of the design and construction: Contracting, management, supervision and execution of the projects and the installation of equipments.
  • Management of grants and infrastructures of the integral water cycle. (collectors, desalinization plants, potable water treatment stations, tanks, distribution mains, potable water connections, waste water treatment plants and water reutilization plants etc.)
  • Management of exploitation services and maintenance of hydraulic infrastructures.
  • Services for the auxiliary industry of water: Engineering (design of constructive projects, direction and control of work, management of the demand, mathematic models, etc.) technology (information technology, telecommunication and remote control) services (leaks and frauds, special repairs, meters, inspections, etc.) consumables (special pieces, equipments, etc.).
  • Management of mineral water grants, and production, manufacturing and commercialization companies of Natural Mineral Water.

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